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Our ears are very delicate. It is therefore imperative to protect them from the noise while we are at the workplace. A lot of workers and employers often oversee the importance of hearing protection when purchasing safety equipment and this proves to be costly to many. Without proper safety hearing equipment in noisy workplaces, one risks suffering from ear damage or impaired hearing resulting from damage to important parts of the ear. Besides impaired hearing, workers exposed to noisy workplaces without proper safety equipment, tend to experience tinnitus. This is the ringing sensation and buzzing sound in ears even when there is no noise around. This affects their concentration and eventually their productive drops. 

It is therefore important for employers in industries which produce a lot of hazardous noise to invest in quality hearing protection equipment and we at B.R.W Safety and Supply are willing to help. We supply the best hearing protection equipment ranging from ear muffs to ear plugs. We have ear muffs and plugs made of different materials and come in different sizes and shapes. All our products are effective and extremely comfortable to work with. We can supply to large industrial facility and other commercial facilities.

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