BRW Safety & Supply sells personal protection equipment (PPE) and other safety related items wholesale to both businesses and individuals. We strive to provide the highest quality products at a reasonable price.

Not only do we provide high quality products but we create unique safety solutions for our customers. Those unique safety solutions have helped make sure people are protected throughout their day. If you have a unique safety need, let us know and I'm sure we can help.

We also provide an expertise that few in the safety industry can compare too.  For example, recently a  customer ordered high visibility safety vests with their logo on the vests for their employees. The problem was the logo was exceptionally large and actually caused the safety vest to fall out of compliance with the ANSI 107 standard because of the logo.  We worked with the customer, modified the logo and were able to keep the garment in compliance with the current ANSI 107 standard.

By keeping the garments in compliance we were able to confidently provide a garment that met the safety standards that our customer was required to provide their employees thereby saving them any hassles down the road.  It's paying attention to those little details that differentiates us from everyone else.

And that's what we do; we help you keep your employees as safe as possible.