Majority of the jobs in most workplaces today, require high levels of face and eye protection. Industries in which employees are in constant contact with flying objects, falling debris, dust, laser beams sparks, very bright lights and chemicals need proper eye and face protection. These objects, bright lights and smoke can cause serious injuries to the eye and other facial parts. They can cause abrasions, punctures, contusions and even blindness. It is therefore important for people working in such industries and many other hazardous areas to wear primary face and eye protection equipment. Some of the most basic face and eye protection equipment include safety goggles with side shields, laser eyewear and safety spectacles. 

Here at B.R.W Safety and Supplies, we recognize the importance of face safety and eye protection equipment and supply the best quality equipment to industries and other commercial facilities. Our equipment and strong, durable and comfortable to work with. From eye protection accessories to replacement lenses, we have them all here at B.R.W Safety and Supply.

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