As a company, the last thing you want is to lose your workforce to injury at the workplace. Unfortunately, there are thousands of cases of injuries arising from falls and lack of proper safety equipment each year. Construction companies, mining industries, lumbers and any workplace that involves employees working at an elevation of more than five feet should be equipped with fall protection safety and ergonomic equipment. 

Fall protection safety equipment helps prevent falls and accidents or at worst mitigate the effects of the fall while the ergonomic equipment provide a safe and comfortable working position for the employees in the elevated position. 

Injuries are counterproductive as they not only deprive you of the workforce but put the company in compromising situations with numerous legal cases. This is why you need to invest in our large array of high quality fall protection and ergonomic equipment for the sake of your employees’ safety and comfort at the workplace. From self-retracting lifelines, snap hooks, steel carabiners, rebar hooks to harnesses, we have all that you need.

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