Accidents in workplaces happen in a flash and they strike without warning. This is why it is important to have first aid and wound care equipment on standby in every workplace. These equipment and kits will enable your workmates and other people around the workplace to administer first aid while help is on the way. It is a mandatory requirement by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that every workplace be equipped with basic first aid supplies and equipment. The first aid kits should be adequately equipped and possess all the basics required to administer basic first aid in case of an injury.

Every employer should therefore ensure that the workplace is equipped with quality first aid supplies that are quickly accessible to all the employees. Here at B.R.W safety and supplies, we provide high quality first aid equipment and kits which facilities need for OSHA compliance and for the sake of safety of the employers. From the most basic first aid kits to the more complex equipment needed for serious emergencies, we have it all here in B.R.W Safety and Supply. We are capable of supplying both small commercial facilities and large industrial facilities.

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