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When working, a lot of pressure is applied to our feet, and without proper footwear we risk getting injuries and sore feet at the end of the day. Jobs that require a lot of working on your feet can be hard on your body and can quickly become uncomfortable. Employees working in industries which involve heavy machinery and tools require proper footwear and accessories to protect their toes and feet from injury when working. Proper footwear will help reduce cases of injuries in the workplace and sore feet while working. 

This is why it is important for employers and employees alike to invest in high quality safety footwear and here at S.R.W Safety and Supplies, we have every form of safety footwear needed in the workplace. From simple formed insoles, shin-instep guards, metatarsal guards to steel toe boots, we have a range of high quality safety footwear which will improve the safety standard at your workplaces. Our products are not only durable but extremely comfortable and ergonomic. This means that they will not affect the productivity while you work. We can supply small commercial facilities and large industrial facilities as well.

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