Hand injuries are some of the most prominent injuries in industrial workplaces. Construction, telecommunication, manufacturing, electric and gas industries are just some of the industries where hand injuries prevail. When working with heavy equipment, handling moving parts, electricity, chemicals and other elements in the workplace, our hands are exposed to harsh conditions and are prone to injuries. With proper hand protection equipment all these injuries can be prevented or their severity reduced. This is why it is important for employers to ensure that all the employees are equipped with high quality safety gloves and other hand protection equipment when working. 

Here at B.R.W Safety and Supply we appreciate the importance of keeping hands safe when working and provide high quality durable safety gloves and other hand protection equipment. We have an assortment of high quality gloves made from different materials. From medium duty polyester gloves to heavy duty cut resistant gloves, we have every type of glove you may need. All our gloves are not only durable but designed with ergonomics in mind are therefore extremely comfortable to work in. 

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