5 Personal Protective Equipment That Can Save You From Your Job April 23 2018

Like it or not all jobs come with life threatening hazards. You either have personal protective equipment to protect yourself or you stand the risk of being a victim of job hazards.  

No, no one is trying to scare you. Instead, it is to remind you that even if your job only involves moving files, you should at least get yourself gloves or ask your employer to do so.  

That’s the smart employee’s way to work. 

Here are 5 must-have personal protective equipment that can save you from your job’s hazards:  

  1. Buy the right gloves

Your hands and fingers are often injured, so it is vital to protect them properly. Depending on the sector you work in, you can choose from gloves for different applications: 

  • protection against vibrations 
  • protection against cuts by sharp materials 
  • protection against cold or heat 
  • protection against bacteriological risks 
  • protection against splashes from diluted chemicals. 
  1. Get yourself head and eye protection

Helmet is the most common head protection as it can prevent head injuries. But there are different types of helmets.  


Select a sturdy helmet that is adapted to the working conditions. These days you can find many elegant designs and you can choose extra options such as a helmet with a face shield 

 But don’t forget to protect your eyes. Each day, more than 600 people worldwide sustain eye injuries during their work. Thanks to a good pair of safety glasses, these injuries could be prevented.  

  1. Protect your hearing 

Do you work in an environment with high sound levels? In that case it is very important to consider hearing protection.  

A lot of workers and employers often oversee the importance of hearing protection when purchasing safety equipment and this proves to be costly to many.  

Without proper safety hearing equipment in noisy workplaces, one risks suffering from ear damage or impaired hearing resulting from damage to important parts of the ear.  

Earplugs are very comfortable, but earmuffs are convenient on the work floor as you can quickly put these on or take them off.

  1. Protect your breathing 

A lot of employees inhale vapors, smoke, powder or dusk while performing their job. That’s why it is strongly recommended that you wear a protective mask.  

We get it, wearing a mask at work is no luxury, definitely not when coming into contact with hazardous materials.  

Air purifying masks offer protection against fine dust and other dangerous particles. If the materials are truly toxic, use a full-face mask. This adheres tightly to the face, to protect the nose and mouth against harmful pollution. 

  1. Protect your body and feet

Preventing accidents is crucial in a crowded workshop. That is why a good visibility at work is a must: a high-visibility jacket and pants made of a strong fabric can help prevent accidents. Just like the hand protection, there are versions for different applications 

Your feet also needs protection. There are different types of protective equipment for your feet.