Crews Reaper Safety Glasses May 21 2018

Most people, especially those who work in hazardous environs and industrial capacities, are hard on their safety glasses, they demand exemplary performance against scratching, breakage and protection ability. Thus, in this case, simply spending a fortune over these glasses is quite the smart decision.

Crews Reaper Safety Glasses and Protective Eyewear, brought to you by MCR Safety offers a wide range of options in safety glasses, which are all ANSI certified, contain scratch resistant coatings and provide 99.9% UV protection.

What Makes Crews Reaper Safety Glasses Safe?

In industrial settings, it is mandated that employees should wear safety eyewear whenever they are carrying out their duties. Traditionally, safety glasses were bulky and cumbersome, however, modern ones are sleek, stylish and comfortable.

For any job that poses a health threat to workers, OSHA recommends the use of appropriate PPE. Generally, in any setting that exposes its workers to flying debris, particles or hazardous liquids, appropriate eye or face protection must be worn. Most will have their lenses or frames stamped with “ANSI Z87” to meet or exceed recommended OSHA standards. ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards are set guidelines on the design, assembly, testing, and use of these protective devices, including impact and penetration resistance standards. 

According to ANSI standards, lenses are divided into two protection levels, Basic Impact and High Impact relative to the test criteria. For the Basic Impact lens to be sufficient, it must pass the “drop ball” test; where a one-inch diameter steel ball is dropped from a height of 50 inches straight down the lens. High Impact lenses, on the other hand, must pass the “high velocity” test; where 1/4" steel balls are “shot” at significant velocities of between 150 ft/sec to 300 ft/sec.

Usually, the impact level is denoted on the device i.e., Z87 or +Z87 together with the manufacturer’s mark, whilst shaded lenses will have a shade number i.e., 5.0 as with the case of the Crew Reaper Safety Glasses. Moreover, special purpose lenses will have an “S” while variable tint will have the marking “V” on them.

The Crews line of safety eyewear also goes a bit further in protection and safety by meeting Military Ballistic High Velocity Standard (MIL-PRF-31013) and additionally have a fixed, strong, lightweight and water-resistant closed-cell foam and comfortable protecting you against foreign objects such as those in industrial settings as well as those in harsh environs experienced by military personnel.

In addition to being scratch resistant, Crews line of safety glasses also confer anti-fog capabilities and may come with neck cords and a microfiber pouch.

Fashion, Function & Affordability

As you can note, industrial safety glasses come from far, i.e., from being infused with military-grade technology to passing high-end ANSI tests to ensure individuals in most industrial settings get the most protection. Crews Safety Glasses come in various styles and lens types. However, most confer the same degree of protection relative to their category and use setting and moreover, they are affordable and durable.