MDI CPR Micro shield Key-chain Pocket Mask May 28 2018

Millions have been trained in CPR in subsequent decades, yet when people require resuscitation out in the field, away from health facilities, relatively few bystanders attempt resuscitation. Only a small fraction of those in need receive resuscitation before paramedics arrive at the scene.

With the relatively large number of people trained in CPR, why isn’t it commonly done? First off, people tend to forget what to do when they panic. Even those trained professionals can’t seem to remember the steps or even sometimes forget to carry out a critical step. It is then that a bystander may resort to calling 911, despite dispatchers guiding them through stabilizing the patient through CPR.

Moreover, there is the ‘yuck’ factor: to some people, performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on a stranger or even worse, someone splurging blood and foaming all over. So pervasive is the reluctance feeling that leaves the question whether CPR is necessary on the patient.

The latter concerns can be overlooked once you employ the use of a CPR mask. It is without a doubt that a great number of diseases are spread through saliva contamination and may be extremely communicable. Much like when someone has a cold and they sneeze or cough, saliva droplets containing the virus spread out into the air, contaminating surfaces or even people close by and infecting them. However, with and CPR mask, you have the reassurance that you're safe when attempting to resuscitate someone using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

There are numerous different CPR masks, some more portable than others. These masks allow the emergency responder to exhale through a one-way filter valve into the patient, keeping the emergency responder safe from body fluids contact.

MDI CPR Micro shield Keychain Mask

The MDI CPR Micro shield Keychain Mask offers you complete protection courtesy of the finest CPR barrier device available. It also comes with the convenience of a keychain. In readiness to save a life, a critical factor involves having your own CPR Mask barrier device with you.

MDI CPR Micro shield Keychain Features

The CPR Mask’s MICROSHIELD was specifically designed to meet two essential specifications; to protect the rescuer and enabling the rescuer to perform CPR appropriately relative to established guidelines and procedures. The patented one-way valve and single piece design of the MDI CPR Micro shield Keychain assure the rescuer of no leakages or contamination during CPR.

Every CPR Pocket Mask MICROSHIELD produced by MDI is fully inspected and tested for leaks. When performing CPR, the device doesn’t hinder the act itself, it just provides a means of protection against contact with the victim. Some devices may, however, require deviation from established procedures but the MDI CPR Micro shield Keychain is simple to use and doesn’t need any adjustments.

The MDI CPR Micro shield Keychain pocket mask may not be as effective as the larger bag valve masks in the market, but when there is an emergency and you can perform CPR on a victim, this pocket mask can come in handy. The barrier device is merely an added safety for the emergency responder.