Why you Needs A Nitrile Coated Glove January 12 2018

A person who needs a nitrile coated glove is probably facing a latex allergy. These gloves are commonly used in the food industry or for persons handling medical substances. The gloves provide a higher level of protection compared to other gloves in the industry. Their protection is also specific because it cannot be guaranteed by ordinary gloves. They are a high quality option when you need advanced protection.


There are different glove options in the market that you are likely to get confused. The following expert opinion seeks to provide tips on ensuring that your choice of gloves fits the intended purpose. This is your comprehensive guide on choosing the best gloves for you.


Why You Should Choose Coated Gloves

Coated gloves come with a coating that extends coverage to your entire arm including the five fingers. This is an added level of protection enhancing protection against cuts, abrasions, and snags. It also ensures protection against contact with chemicals, oils and such substances that might hinder your operations or cause skin damage.


Coated gloves also offer an enhanced level of dexterity. Your grip will also be firm and the gloves will last a reasonably longer time than ordinary latex gloves. This also ensures that your top arm can breathe and remain comfortable to perform all the duties you are required to perform.


The nitrile coated glove is a preference for most employees and employers because of more reasons than the level of protection it provides. Its preference can especially be noted in the general assembly, painting, mechanics and painting industries. The coating provides a comfortable and guaranteed protection between your work and hand. This does not deny you the dexterity that you would experience if you are using bare hands. This explains why some of the most engaging industries prefer this glove.


Past gloves that could handle the level of work being handled by the nitrile gloves were made of leather. You could also find other extremely cumbersome materials being used in manufacture of such gloves. The feel was not comfortable and the wearer was denied basic dexterity. These problems have been solved by the nitrile gloves leading to their growing popularity. They guarantee comfort and safety while at work as if you are working with bare hands.


Thickness And Protection

There is a direct relationship between thickness and the kind of protection you get from your gloves. This makes it one of the considerations when buying gloves. The possibility of chemicals sipping through the glove or a sharp object getting to your hand depends on the thickness. Nitrile gloves are enhanced by being dipped several times into the coating solution. This ensures that the thickness is appropriate and comfortable enough to enable you still fulfill your obligations. This enables them to maintain a thin feel without exposing you to harm.


The manner of handling gloves and sticking to safety rules set for your industry will determine whether you remain safe at work. The best quality nitrile coated glove will only protect you if you take precautions. This glove gives you comfort as you work and still enables you to maintain dexterity.