Wearing Safety Gloves When Handling Chemicals October 27 2017

Along with daily hygiene habits, you should use your safety gloves to increase your hands’ protection while you complete your responsibilities at work. You will immediately experience a safer environment and better capabilities.

Skin Protection

When you work with chemicals and potentially hazardous material and/or elements, it can be a worrisome task without the proper equipment. Your safety gloves will give you peace of mind. You will be able to work with your workplace element and never worry about your hands collecting anything that you could later get in your eyes, mouth, nasal cavities, or other areas of your person. Although washing your hands might be a normal activity during your workday, some chemicals and elements can’t be washed away with soap and water alone and require special cleaning solutions and processes. Wearing gloves allow you to continue your hand washing practices and not carry those elements outside of the designated areas. Gloves also prevent you from cross contaminating other items in your workplace.

Eliminating Contamination

Wearing safety gloves gives you the flexibility to move around your workspace with chemicals or hazardous elements without the high risk of transporting them to your desk, papers, other employees, other areas, or even to other chemicals that might be nearby. Making sure they stay contained will prevent disasters. If you were to work without safety gloves, it could increase the possibility of you accumulating chemicals or elements on your skin and carrying it wherever you went until you could properly wash your hands. While wearing the gloves, you can handle those chemicals easier, remove the gloves in the proper area, and protect everything and everyone else.

Easier Handling

Containers for chemicals can pose their own dangers if not properly handled. Part of that is wearing safety gloves to prevent injuries from the outside of the containers. With gloves that have nonslip grip properties, you can handle the containers with ease and you won’t have to spend time on excess measures to transport them and their contents. This will give you more flexibility to move about freely and it will reduce any potential accidents. Safety aprons and goggles are great additions to proper dress codes but gloves provide immediate security for your hands.

Proper Safety Dress Code

As is common with many uniform dress codes, you will likely be required to wear gear that protects the most sensitive parts of your person. However, it should be noted that sometimes a position might necessitate wearing safety gloves even when you’re not handling chemicals or hazardous elements. Such positions include inspectors, quality control managers, floor supervisors, and other positions that might require someone to gain access to areas where chemicals are present. Although the individuals in those positions might never handle the materials, they will still be required to follow the dress code while entering those areas. If your job responsibilities require you to be near chemicals but not handle them, safety gloves will provide an extra layer of protection while you’re temporarily in that area.

Regardless of what industry you work in, when it comes to protecting your hands, you should understand why safety gloves provide you the maximum amount of benefits. They help reduce injuries while working with harmful chemicals or hazardous elements, protect sensitive areas of your body like your eyes and mouth from cross contamination, and help you grip and handle containers that hold those chemicals and elements.