Water Resistant Coveralls help get the Job Done September 08 2017

Water resistant coveralls are an important tool when the job calls for water resistant protection. The coveralls are designed to keep you dry and protect you and your clothing from possible splashes or spills when working with liquids. The material used to make the water resistant coveralls is a breathable fabric designed to let air flow and still stand up against liquid soaking through.

Disposable water resistant coveralls are strong enough to protect you and your clothes, and because they are disposable there are some extra advantages:

  • You do not need to worry about trying to get stains out.
  • You do not need to wash them after a messy spill.
  • They are designed for maximum coverage of your clothing and skin, with elastic wrists and ankles that can be comfortably stretched over boots, and gloves.
  • They come with a hood and elastic closure around your face that meets up with the main zipper to protect the head.

The elastic is tight enough to prevent water from getting in, yet loose enough to be comfortable and allow movement. The arms and legs are wide enough to allow wide movements, however they are not bulky or heavy giving the person wearing them more flexibility.

The front of the coveralls closes with a zipper, with a cover to keep them closed tightly. The long zipper allows for easy on and off over most clothing. With a wood pulp/polyester fabric the material is ideal for water resistance when treated with a water repellent. The material also allows for air flow minimizing the chance for chafing and overheating.

Weather the job you have in mind is inside or outside, water resistant disposable coveralls will help keep your clothes dry and safe from any liquids you may be working with. They are commonly used for jobs like:

  • Pressure Washing
  • Cleaning or Washing Equipment
  • Painting
  • Cleaning Gutters and Downspouts
  • Cleaning up any non-hazardous materials from a site
  • Sand blasting
  • Any dirty wet job where you want to protect your skin and clothing from liquids

When you are wearing water resistant coveralls that are disposable you have an opportunity to strip off all of the dirt and grime when you take those off, leaving the rest of your clothes clean and dry. It makes the job easier, and causes less damage and stress to your work clothes. They also protect you from having to work in wet or damp clothing that may cause chafing. When you have disposable water resistant coveralls you and your employees will be a lot more comfortable and be able to get the job done faster and safer.