Ins and Outs of Safety Goggles September 22 2017

The modern workplace, is home to a plethora of hazards and health dangers. If your fingers are not in danger of getting caught, jammed or pinched by the machinery you are working with, then your skin could get lacerations and tears from the sharp instruments you are working with. Along with this, chemicals in the workplace can be hazardous to the eyes and face. 

Considering that our sight is our primary sense at work, it is imperative to ensure that our eyes are protected. This is why it is absolutely necessary to wear safety goggles when working on an industrial or construction site. Safety goggles are vital in protecting the eyes in environments where chemicals and debris could pose a hazard.

Shopping for the Right Safety Goggles

No single type of goggles can provide appropriate protection for every workplace. When shopping for the right safety goggles, there are a few factors that you have to consider to ensure that you land the perfect pair. Here are three factors that you should consider while shopping for safety equipment for your workplace:

Workplace Risks and Hazards

Every workplace has its own set of unique risks and hazards. Before setting out to shop for safety goggles, it is important to identify the full set of risks involved. Evaluating the risks and hazards will ultimately dictate the type of goggles that you end up buying.

Different shapes and thicknesses of goggles are designed for different types of material handling, whether that is stopping chemicals from spraying into your eyes, or preventing shrapnel from penetrating the lenses.

Fit and Ergonomics

Beyond offering safety, work goggles need to perfectly fit and offer allowance for proper vision. If goggles are too big in size, they will hang loosely and this is itself, is a danger in the workplace. On the other hand, if it is too small, it will be too tight and may restrict your ability to see clearly.

Consider the ergonomics and fit of goggles when shopping to ensure that the purchased pair will make it easy for you or your employees to effectively and safely get the job done.

Materials of Goggles

The other important aspect to consider, is the material used in the assembly of the safety goggles. Different materials suit different workplaces. Actually, the material used, dictates whether a pair of goggles is meant for heavy duty, light duty or medium duty. Your options include polarized lenses, full face shields and plenty more. 

Here a B.R.W Safety and Supply we appreciate the importance of keeping eyes safe when working and provide high quality durable safety goggles and other protective equipment. Our products are not only safe, but comfortable and ergonomic enough to make your work day easier.