Protective Clothing before work, You First Priority! October 13 2017

If you work in an environment where any exposure to high temperatures or harmful substance is inevitable, then consider following all precautionary measures beforehand. Some of the workplace accidents can be life-changing and not in a positive way.

Read on to know about how protective clothing can help to minimize the effects of workplace hazards.

The basic purpose

Protective clothing is vital for risk reduction. It is important to know the details of hazard that can occur i.e. which part of your body could get affected and how to prevent it from happening by wearing the protective garment most suitable for the situation.

The risk involved

Different employees go through different dangers; some can get affected by contaminated air while others may receive fragments of polluted dust. It is crucial to wear a mask at all times like the one-size-fits-all spray hood by BRW. It is made from 100% cotton and fits your head comfortably.

There are many working domains where chemical agents can attack your skin resulting in skin diseases. We provide coveralls with a front zipper that will prove to be utterly shielding for you.

Some individuals can go through a mechanical trauma that is going to cause lacerations, abrasions, and frictions. To avoid such risks, BRW’s sleeves and arm guard can give the necessary fortification. Similarly, BRW’s strong polyester gloves are cut and heat resistant.

Things to know about the right workwear

Workwear should be selected according to recognized standards and their compatibility with multiple clothing pieces beforehand. Furthermore, they should be maintained in a ‘proper working’ order to avoid any future inconvenience.

Here at BRW safety and supplies, we have built our reputation through providing quality products over time. We do not only keep in mind the ‘safety’ but also the comfort of the labor. We also provide flexible material that fits properly and does not need readjusting in any case.