Benefits of 3M Privo Safety Glasses August 04 2017

If you are like many other people, you despise having to wear safety glasses, but you understand and appreciate why they are necessary. The disadvantages most generic safety glasses have are part of the reason they are dreaded. You have more than likely experienced several of them. They tend to not fit properly, making them uncomfortable to wear. It’s easy to lose them when they aren’t tucked away in your pocket or actually on your face. In a lot of cases, they only provide limited amounts of protection. 3m Privo safety glasses are the best because they eliminate those issues and provide more advantages.

Ultimate Protection

These glasses are made out of polycarbonate. This strong material shields your eyes from virtually all harmful UV rays and drastically reduces the harm high impacts would normally create. The lenses, though clear, have an anti-fog coating so that you can work in environments where temperatures are varying and fog won’t impede your vision. Due to their protective nature, you can wear these glasses in any environment. Whether you work in construction, at an airline, with chemicals, or even preparing food, the safety of your eyes will never be compromised. They meet OSHA standards for all industries and most potential occupational dangers.

Multiple Points Of Comfort

Unlike most other safety glasses, 3m Privo safety glasses provide multiple points of comfort where users generally have the most problems. The bridge of the nose, temple area, and the top of the ear are sensitive places that can become irritated if not treated gently. Safety glasses can rub against and fit too snugly on those parts of your face and head. 3m Privo eliminates those issues. You’ll find the bridge is soft and rests lightly on your nose, the temple points are also soft and won’t bear down on the sides of your head, and the lenses have a minor extension around your eyes to better improve the fit. In fact, the overall fit of these safety glasses are infinitely better than you’d find with regular ones.

With 3m Privo safety glasses, you won’t ever have to worry about limited protection, you can wear them just about anywhere and on any job site, and they are visually appealing, making them more than just safety glasses. You can wear the common ones when you don’t need a lot of protection, but for the ultimate in safety, 3m Privo glasses are the only choice. You can wear them indoor while you are at work or outside while you work on your hobby. The places and reasons you might need and want to wear them are extensive. This pair of safety glasses is the last pair you’ll need to purchase.