How does an Auto Darkening Welding Lens Work? August 11 2017

One of the tools needed for welding safety is a welding helmet. The helmet protects your head and the lens on the helmet protects your eyes. It is important to see what you are welding and with an auto darkening lens you can switch from regular view to protective view quickly. The benefits of a Radnor auto darkening welding lens are:

  • Works for general purpose stick welding.
  • Works for MIG welding.
  • Variable shades 9 through 12.
  • Can be used on fixed front and lift front helmets.
  • Clear safe view of the puddle.
  • Less time lifting the helmet and causing stress on your neck.
  • You can see where you are working and start welding all without having to move your helmet.

A good lens like a Radnor auto darkening welding lens will protect you from welders flash or arc eye. The risk of burn is high when you are not using a helmet equipped with a shade lens above shade 9.

With an auto darkening lens as soon as there is an arc present, or optical radiation from welding sparks, the lens darkens automatically. There are light sensors around the Radnor auto darkening welding lens that detect a welding arc, and when there is no arc present the lens has a normal sunglasses type filter giving you the ability to navigate easily without having to remove your helmet. This in turn will allow you to see where you are on your project and begin to weld without having to “snap” your neck to drop your helmet. In conventional lenses without the auto darkening feature you need to go constantly back and forth to eye your work, keeping your place each time. It is a great deal easier and helps your work be more consistent when you don’t have to move in order to start your arc.

The American Welding Society safety and health fact sheet indicates that there are close to 2,000 eye injuries every day in the workplace and most of those injuries could have been prevented by wearing eye protection that is necessary for the job. The most hazardous incidences are eye injuries caused by flying metal, slag, and dirt or grinding particles.

The bottom line is, using the most up to date auto darkening welding lens for any and all welding jobs will keep your eyes safe, allow for more accurate work and even reduce the amount of time spent welding.