Approved Safety Goggles Care And Maintenance Tips January 05 2018

Safety goggles are delicate and expensive. Any blunder with care or maintenance will reduce the effectiveness of these lenses. This will expose you to work place disasters that might change the course of your life. Even when the damage is not extreme, it is expensive to replace the goggles such that you would rather take proper care of these valuable pieces.


While goggles are delicate, they require simple and ordinary maintenance attention to keep them in perfect shape. Fortunately, each pair of goggles will come with unique instructions on how to take care of them. The instructions provided are easy to follow and will deliver excellent results. That not withstanding, it is not always that you have the manual. Here are tips that will ensure that your goggles are safe to use and last long.


  • Daily Cleaning- this requires simple actions like removing debris from the surface, rinsing the glasses in cool water and drying them with an approved soft cloth. The dust may even be removed by spraying with a can of compressed air. This removes any dust particles and debris that may be stuck on the surface. When the debris is left on the surface, it hinders effective working and may even damage the lenses.
  • Regularly use approved lens cleaners- cool water is the most common solution when cleaning lenses. However, it does not eliminate all the dirt on the surface. This is why the use of approved lens cleaners is recommended. It works on the debris and residue that is impossible to remove using ordinary water. The use of soap is not recommended because it leaves your lenses with residue that may damage the lens or block vision.
  • Clean the ear pieces and the sides- surprisingly, these areas are usually ignored when cleaning goggles. It will surprise you the amount of grime that these areas harbor. When allowed to stay, it will migrate to the lens and cause more problems. The manufacturer provides instructions on the methods to be used in cleaning these sections based on the materials used in manufacture.
  • Rough and abrasive cleaners should be avoided- the lens is so delicate such that any scratch on the surface will render it impossible to use. This is why manufacturers recommend the use of a soft cloth and other specific cleaning substances. This ensures that the goggles will serve you for a reasonably long time and therefore deliver excellent value for money.
  • Storage- continued use of goggles and their prolonged life depends on how well you handle your goggles. A microfiber porch or a hard case is the recommended place to store your goggles. The porch is usually lined with a soft cleaning cloth. This will protect them from damage by falling objects or scratches in the course of storage.

To keep your safety goggles secure, manufacturer instructions must be followed. Inspect them on regular bases to ensure that they are repaired or cleaned and thus prevent the escalation of damage. Where the environment demands, use the retention straps. This will ensure that they are always available on demand.