All You Need to Know About Vinyl Aprons March 16 2018

The primary role of personal protective equipment is to protect workers against any health, risk and unnecessary injury in the workplace. Vinyl aprons are important pieces of personal protective equipment that play a vital role in protecting individuals who work in various industries such as welding, gardening, janitorial services, the food service industry, meat processing industries, hospitals, as well as those who work near open flames or handle toxic chemicals. 

One main characteristic of vinyl aprons is that they are easily cleaned and maintained by simply wiping them off with a clean rug. Depending on what you need them for, vinyl aprons also come in different sizes, some that are knee length while others go all the way to the feet with varying thicknesses that range from 6 mil to 35 mil. 

As the second largest-selling and most versatile material, vinyl is used in hundreds of consumer and industrial products because it can be recycled into new applications lasting decades more or more. Vinyl has also become one of the most widely used materials in part because of its cost efficiencies, its performance and its resistance to high electrical voltage. Vinyl materials are characteristically flame-retardant due to their chlorine base. They also do not ignite easily, and most will not continue to burn once a flame or heat source is removed. Vinyl can be produced in almost any color, with end products ranging from opaque to crystal-clear. 

High-quality 6mil vinyl aprons are excellent in food processing and are resistant to oils, chemicals, solvents, acids, alkalies, fats, grease, and salt. The exterior coating provides excellent protection against saturation, they are also mildew and flame-resistant, which means an apron of this caliber will withstand the harshest of work environments and will not wear and tear unlike other types of apron material. 

Vinyl aprons also have adjustable neck strap and back ties for a perfect fit, which also makes them ideal in protecting your clothes from unwanted fluids, dirt, and grime that you would get when handling or grooming animals. Dishwasher vinyl aprons come in full-length designs that extend past the knees to protect clothing and skin when exposed to build-up on pots, equipment dirt and debris, grease, and chemicals. They are ideal for commercial kitchens because not only are they water-resistant, they are also heat-resistant, fire retardant, and cut-resistant. 

The many benefits of vinyl aprons are not limited to durability. They also offer excellent chemical resistance and the added protection against snags and punctures. Thus making this material much stronger than polyethylene and unlike other aprons, vinyl aprons provide full body protection against chemical spills or contact with hazardous substances making them ideal for situations where flexibility and ease of use are required, and durability is equally important. 

The type of apron required for workers largely depends on the degree of risk or the potential contact with harmful substances. Vinyl aprons are perfect for chemical processing, food handling, and processing, food service, etc. because they protect the wearer from punctures, abrasions, and exposure.