Cut Resistant Gloves - Update to Standards March 21 2016

Significant changes are coming to the world of Cut Resistant gloves in 2016.  Both the EN388 and ANSI 105 standards are making significant changes.

The major changes to ANSI 105 are coming in the form of a new testing method.  The testing method used by ANSI 105 will be the F2992-15 test.  This testing method will still use the TDM 100 Cut Machine the previous testing method, ASTM F1790 allowed for two different machines to be used.  This new method will all for universal testing.  

Another major difference between the new standard and the old is that a different set of scales will be used.  The previous standard used a 5 point scale while the new standard will use a 9 point scale. 

As you can see below, the old 5 point scale only only went up to 3,500 grams whereas the new scale, now labeled A1-A9 as opposed to 1-5, goes up to 6,000 grams. 

ANSI 105 - Old Standard

ANSI Cut Level

Weight needed to cut through with
1 inch of blade travel (in grams)

0 < 199
1 200 - 499
2 500 - 999
3 1000 - 1499
4 1500 - 3499
5 > 3500


The new scale used in the new standard is significantly different. 

ANSI Cut Level Weight needed to cut through with
1 inch of blade travel (in grams)


200 - 499
A2 500 - 999
A3 1000 - 1499
A4 1500 - 2199
A5 2200 - 2999
A6 3000 - 3999
A7 4000 - 4999
A8 5000 - 5999
A9 > 6000


As you can see there is no a much broader range of Cut Resistance levels that allow for more precision when determining the needs of your company.

While the changes to the the ANSI 105 standard are significant, only one testing method is now allowed and more precise ANSI Cut Levels EN388 has also changed drastically.

EN388 will continue to use The Coup Test but, if passed, will adopt the ISO 13997 test.  The ISO 13997 test will use the TDM 100 Machine (just like the machine required by ANSI 105).  The scales have changed as well, they will be adopting a new scale.  Also, it's worth noting that the EN388 standard uses Newtons as opposed to grams. 

If approved, the expected results are listed below with the new scale and the Newton value associated with it.

EN388 Cut Level EN ISO Cut Resistance
in Newton value
A 2
B 5
C 10
D 15
E 22
F 30
G 40
H 50
I 60


The most significant change to both standards is you will now be able to select a glove that fits the need of those wearing the glove and better protect them. 

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