Tillman X-Large Black And White TrueFit Premium Full Finger Top Grain Cowhide And Spandex Mechanics Gloves With Elastic Cuff, Double Leather Palm, And Reinforced Thumb

Manufacturer : John Tillman & Co

$ 12.25

Part Number: 1470XL

Manufacturer: John Tillman & Co

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: Tillman 1470 TrueFit Performance Gloves. Made from top grain goatskin for superior abrasion resistance. Nylon spandex on backside for precision fit. Contoured shape, calibrated thickness, maximizes dexterity, minimizes bulk. Rough side out reinforced palm for better gripping, longer life. Reinforced thumb gives extra protection for this high wear area. Elastic cuff with hook and loop closure for secure fit, less bulk.

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