SHOWA Best Glove Small Blue 11" N-DEX Ultimate 6 mil Nitrile Ambidextrous Powder-Free Disposable Gloves With Smooth Finish

Manufacturer : SHOWA Best Glove

$ 16.94

Part Number: 9905PFS

Manufacturer: SHOWA Best Glove

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: When the job calls for hand and arm protection, you need the ultimate in a disposable nitrile glove. The Ultimate N-DEX¨ Long Cuff is that glove. Eleven inches in length with protection from fingertip to forearm, Ultimate N-DEX¨ is the all-purpose specialist of the N-DEX¨ family. Sound contradictory? Consider its six mil (a mil=1/1000 of an inch) thickness which gives Ultimate N-DEX¨ added protection over most disposable nitrile knock-offs. Add to that its patented low-modulus design and extended cuff, and you have a glove equally at home in specialized fields like emergency medial response yet adept at general industrial applications such as automotive repair and assembly, janitorial maintenance and commercial house cleaning.

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