SHOWA Best Glove Medium Blue 9 1/2" N-DEX 4 mil Latex-Free Nitrile Ambidextrous Non-Sterile Powder-Free Disposable Gloves With Smooth Finish And Rolled Cuffs (100 Gloves Per Dispenser Box)

Manufacturer : SHOWA Best Glove

$ 15.75

Part Number: 7005PFM

Manufacturer: SHOWA Best Glove

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: Not all disposable nitrile gloves are created equal. The original and still unequaled N-DEX¨ by Best continues its revolutionary ways since its introduction in 1992 as the worldÕs first 100 percent nitrile, non-Latex disposable glove. Manufactured by Best with a patented low modulus formulation, N-DEX¨ provides automotive, dental, EMS, food handling and processing, healthcare, lab, and pharmaceutical professionals unmatched dexterity and a significant reduction in hand fatigue. The four-mil (one mil=1/1000 of an inch) N-DEX¨ provides superior comfort and barrier protection against a variety of chemicals, greases, oils and blood borne pathogens. Available in either a light powder style for easy donning and doffing or a powder-free version, ideal for food handling and packaging, the N-DEX¨ Original remains a tough act to beat.

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