SHOWA Best Glove Large Neo Grab Chemical Resistant Neoprene Fully Coated Heavy Weight Elbow Length Gauntlet, Rough Finish, Glove

Manufacturer : SHOWA Best Glove

$ 13.90

Part Number: 6797R-10

Manufacturer: SHOWA Best Glove

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: Neoprene¨ The world's first wet-grip Neoprene glove. This recyclable glove is multidipped in premium-grade neoprene for superior quality and durability and provides protection against acids, caustics, oils, greases and many solvents. It provides excellent all-around protection against physical hazards such as abrasion and cut. Heavyweight styles have a five-piece flannel liner. Industrial-weight styles have a lighter coating for increased flexibility. Sanitized¨

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