SHOWA Best Glove Large Green 9.5" Derma Thin 5 mil Natural Rubber Vinyl Ambidextrous Lightly Powdered Disposable Gloves With Smooth Finish And Rolled Cuffs

Manufacturer : SHOWA Best Glove

$ 14.62

Part Number: 1005L

Manufacturer: SHOWA Best Glove

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: Tactile-sensitive Derma Thin¨ (5 mil, .13 mm) is one of a few thin gauge disposable gloves that surpasses similar-gauge Natural Rubber and vinyl gloves, even those meeting some basic regulatory requirements, in overall quality, performance and value. Derma Thin¨'s specially formulated, 100% natural-rubber compound features the finest quality Natural Rubber, so you get outstanding strength, wear and dexterity and a glove that is cooler, more durable, better fitting, more sensitive and less susceptible to tearing or developing holes than similar-gauge vinyl gloves. Ergonomically designed Derma Thin¨ is comfortable, fits well and provides a great grip, wet or dry. Ambidextrous for economy and ease, available in three sizes for comfort and protection, Derma Thin¨ is lightly powdered with USP-grade corn starch instead of talc for easy donning and doffing to reduce the chance of contamination.

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