OccuNomix One Size Fits All Wavy Flag Tuff Nougies Regular Tie Hat (Doo Rag)

Manufacturer : Occunomix

$ 7.78

Part Number: TN5-WAV

Manufacturer: Occunomix

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: Tuff Nougies were originally designed to protect welders but are now tops in many industies! Tuff Nougies help welders, construction workers and others avoid skin and scalp irritation from helmets, hard hats and other head shields. They also absorb annoying and distracting perspiration. For workers with long hair, Tuff Nougies Beanies, Tie Hats and Cap are made to fit snugly, to protect hair from being drawn into machine parts such as chains, belts, rotating devices, suction devices, blowers, and hair that can even be drawn into machines otherwise guarded with mesh. While employers need not require employees with long hair to cut their hair, employers must select, provide and require head covers to protect hair where a hazard may exist. Tuff Nougies Beanies, Tie Hats and Cap also protect a variety of workers from paint, plaster, dust and shop dirt. For outdoor workers and bikers, Tuff Nougies provide head protection from sun and wind. And, Tuff Nougies are so trendy, many foodservice operators have adopted them for kitchen and serving staff. Flame Retardant FR treated fabric is available upon request to keep hair and scalp guarded in work areas where dangerous sparks may pose a threat. Accept no imitations -- Look for the holographic Tuff Nougies hangtag to be sure you're getting genuine Tuff Nougies.

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