MSA V-Gard Freedom Series Class E Type I Hard Hat With Fas-Trac Suspension And American Stars And Stripes

Manufacturer : MSA (Mine Safety Appliances Co)

$ 53.90

Part Number: 10071157

Manufacturer: MSA (Mine Safety Appliances Co)

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: Let Freedom Shine! Hardhat wearers can express their patriotism and protect their heads by wearing one of MSAÕs new special series of Freedom helmets. The bright designs are exceptionally attractive, with a superior shiny finish, on the V-Gard¨ shell. The Freedom Series helmets, which come with MSAÕs Fas-Trac¨ suspension, are lightweight, durable, and comfortable. They meet all applicable requirements of ANSI Z89.1 for a Type I helmet (Class E). The helmetÕs accessory slots accept all MSA V-Gard accessories. Also, your logo can be custom-imprinted on top of the design, if desired.

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