Justrite 65" X 60" X 32" Combo Cylinder Storage Locker For Flammables (Capacity 8 Horizontal And 10 Vertical Cylinders)

Manufacturer : Justrite Manufacturing Co

$ 3,150.81

Part Number: 23008

Manufacturer: Justrite Manufacturing Co

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: Combo horizontal & vertical locker Safely secure LPG and oxygen cylinders from theft and unauthorized access with Cylinder Lockers from Justrite. Superior features make these units extremely durable and easy to use. Constructed of 100% welded aluminum - they will not rust, corrode or discolor. Justrite's expanded metal panels are the strongest in the industry - offering additional resistance to tampering. Heavier gauge aluminum mesh and extruded (not bent) frame add rigidity. All models have an exclusive solid aluminum roof panel that slants toward the back to shed water and ice.

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