DuPont Large White ProShield 10 mil Anti-Static NexGen Disposable Coveralls With Front Zipper Closure And Elastic Around Face (25 Per Case)

Manufacturer : DuPont Personal Protection

$ 6.65

Part Number: NG122SWHLG00

Manufacturer: DuPont Personal Protection

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: DuPont ProShield¨ NexGen¨ Series 122S Coveralls have a front zipper closure and an attached hood and boots. There is elastic at the hood, wrists and ankles. Set sleeve design allows greater arm movement.| Based on patented microporous fabric technology, NexGen¨ greatly improves worker protection while dramatically reducing the price. All this in a new, high-tech fabric that offers cloth-like comfort that is easy to wear. NexGen¨ offers excellent protection against a wide range of hazards and nuisances. Ideal wherever general protective clothing is worn, this new fabric is especially suited for non-toxic liquid and spray hazards. It provides true aerosol and liquid-proof barrier, and gives greater than 99% holdout of particles down to 0.35 microns. Durable and comfortable, NexGen¨ holds up to the day-to-day demands of most common industrial applications.

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