DBI/SALA Universal Delta Vest Style Full Body Size Harness With Back D-Ring, Pass Thru Buckle Leg Straps

Manufacturer : DBI/SALA

$ 113.00

Part Number: 1103321

Manufacturer: DBI/SALA

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: ThereÕs a lot of industry buzz around the new Delta. It combines a set of Òindustry-firstÓ advancements with popular features that made Delta the workhorse of the industry. Its patented No-Tangle design redefined convenience in full body harnesses. Now, Delta represents the culmination of more than two decades of harness manufacturing know-how, research and design. Delta incorporates a spring-loaded, stand-up dorsal D-ring to help you make fast, easy and safe connections. Our exclusive i-Safe system gives you an efficient, digital way of recording and storing information on inspections. Delta also proves its workhorse standing witha 420lb carrying capacity. Our patented triangular design gives the Delta harness a shape of its own. The harness falls into place, allowing you to don it quickly and easily. Revolver torso adjusters make adjustments fast and secure, and Tech-Lite aluminum alloy buckles reduce both the weight you carry and the energy required to do your job during the course of a day. Because Delta holds a basic shape, shoulder straps donÕt rub your neck raw. Made with soft, breathable materials, the Delta comfort hip pad ergonomically supports your back and hips while bearing heavy loads.

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