Brady SPC 30" X 150" BattleMat 3-Ply Gray Camouflage Double-Perforated Universal Sorbent Roll

Manufacturer : Brady USA

$ 281.92

Part Number: BM30

Manufacturer: Brady USA

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: Stand on It! Walk on It! Drive on It! New BattleMat rolls and pads, with their unique construction and camouflage pattern, are tough enough to take whatever you dish out. BattleMat soaks up oil, water, coolants, solvents, acids and bases. Perfect as walk-on mats or single-use absorbents in manufacturing plants and similar environments. Durable, abrasion-resistant upper layer draws moisture into bottom layer and makes BattleMat the floor mat of choice whenever there is over-spray or heavy traffic. And BattleMat's camouflage pattern masks drips and spills. An extremely cost-effective product that incinerates into .02% percent ash.

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