Brady 30 Pound Bag Re-Form 100% Recycled Re-Form Universal Granular Industrial Absorbent

Manufacturer : Brady USA

$ 9.02


Manufacturer: Brady USA

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: Brady¨ Re-Form Industrial Absorbent absorbs more, costs less, is virtually dust free, contains no health hazards, and is made from 100% recycled materials. Re-Form Industrial Absorbent is an environmentally responsible granular absorbent that is virtually dust free, leaves no stains, and cleans up quickly. Its small granules are ideal for concrete floors, roads and other pitted and porous surfaces. Unlike traditional clay absorbents Re-Form contains no crystalline silica or other harmful substances Ð itÕs made from 100% post consumer paper waste Ð recycled pulp that has been de-inked and dried. Re-Form is non abrasive and will absorb oils, solvents, coolants, lubricants, water and most non-aggressive fluids on contact. Re-form Industrial Absorbent is Clean, Safe, Effective, and Highly Absorbent.

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