Brady All Purpose Modified Glass Filled Nylon Cable Lockout With 8' Sheathed Cable

Manufacturer : Brady USA

$ 44.88

Part Number: 50943

Manufacturer: Brady USA

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: Cable lockouts are incredibly versatile making them perfect for all of your unusual energy isolating devices that are difficult to lock out. Compact, lightweight body is made of rugged impact modified glass filled nylon giving them superior chemical, corrosion and temperature resistance properties. Sheathed metal cable is 3/16" diameter including vinyl coating. Ergonomic design makes it a "cinch" to tighten cable - hold device in one hand and cinch tight with the other! Built-in cable loop keeps cable neatly coiled when stored and prevents it from dangling loose when device is being used. 4 lock holes in handle accommodate most lock shackles and hasps.

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