Bradley Combination Drench Shower/Eye-Face Wash With Plastic Showerhead, Stainless Steel Bowl And Dust Cover

Manufacturer : Bradley Corporation

$ 1,724.00

Part Number: S19314DCFW

Manufacturer: Bradley Corporation

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: Bradley¨ Model S194314DCFW is a stand alone combination drench shower with emergency eye-face wash with a stainless steel bowl and dust cover and plastic Spintec shower head. The Spintec Showerhead provides the most consistent distribution of water from a drench shower, improving washdown. The galvanized steel supply & waste pipes are protected with BRADTECT safety yellow coating. Universal identification sign and inspection tag included. This eyewash exceeds minimum water flow of 3 GPM at 30 PSI. The drench shower exceeds minimum water flow of 20 GPM at 30PSI.

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