Ansell Size 9 Blue/Yellow Chemi-Pro Heavy Duty Unsupported 27 Mil Neoprene Over Natural Latex Cotton Flock-Lined 13" Glove W/Recessed Diamond Grip

Manufacturer : Ansell Edmont

$ 2.66

Part Number: 192245

Manufacturer: Ansell Edmont

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: Chemi-Pro¨ Unsupported, Heavy-Duty, Cotton Flock-Lined, Neoprene Over Natural Rubber Latex A unique dipping process which combines neoprene over natural rubber latex provides increased protection against a wide range of chemicals. The gloves are 27 mil thick for extra ruggedness and durability, and the 13" length is longer than most standard gloves for added forearm protection. A recessed diamond-embossed pattern provides added grip on wet or dry surfaces, while a cotton flock lining absorbs perspiration and increases worker comfort. Chemi-Pro gloves are an economical, cost-saving substitute for higher-priced, heavy gauge nitrile and neoprene gloves.

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