Ansell Size 10 Black And Red AlphaTEC 12" Seamless Knit Lined Supported Nitrile Gloves With Ansell Grip Technology Finish And Gauntlet Cuff

Manufacturer : Ansell Edmont

$ 7.30

Part Number: 58-530-10

Manufacturer: Ansell Edmont

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: When you work with hazardous chemicals or dangerous liquids, you can't afford any kind of slip. That's why the AlphaTEC glove features the revolutionary Ansell Grip Technology. Our patent- pending nitrile layer is filled with microscopic channels that actively repel oils and other lubricants, giving you nearly the same grip you would have in fluid-free conditions. Combined with an advanced ergonomic design, the AlphaTEC glove greatly increases control and comfort, significantly reducing fatigue and CTS-related injuries.

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