3M Petroleum Sorbent Pad High Capacity 34" x 38"

Manufacturer : 3M

$ 188.67

Part Number: HP-157

Manufacturer: 3M

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: In service for over 20 years, 3M Petroleum Sorbents are used extensively for controlling, cleaning up and recovering oil and petroleum-based liquids from effluent discharge, streams, ponds, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water. They are also used for in-plant spills under leaking equipment and machinery. 3M petroleum sorbents are dust-free and contain no abrasive granules that can damage expensive equipment. That's because they're made from an innovative microfiber material which contains millions of tiny pockets that absorb and hold petroleum-based liquids. 3M petroleum sorbents allow you to reclaim the oil for easy recycling and re-use. There's less volume for disposal after the fluid is removed. What's more, 3M petroleum sorbents can be incinerated with only .2% ash residue.

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