Streamlight Yellow ProPolymer 4AA LUX Division 2 Flashlight (4 AA Batteries Included)

Manufacturer : Streamlight Inc

$ 72.22

Part Number: 68244

Manufacturer: Streamlight Inc

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: The 4AA Propolymer¨ LUX is a high performance, 4 AA Alkaline powered, C4¨ LED flashlight. It features momentary or constant on operation. The body is constructed of a engineering polymer resin that is virtually indestructible, shock resistant, non-conductive and light weight. The case is o-ring sealed and water proof.| ÒDivisionÓ refers to the likelihood that ignitable concentrations of flammable materials are present in a given area. Division 2 locations are areas where ignitable concentrations are NOT likely to exist under normal operating conditions or where Class III materials (easily ignitable fibers or flyings) are stored or handled.

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