MSA ALTAIR Maintenance-Free Carbon Monoxide Monitor

Manufacturer : MSA (Mine Safety Appliances Co)

$ 395.00

Part Number: 10092522

Manufacturer: MSA (Mine Safety Appliances Co)

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: The ALTAIR¨ Single-Gas Detector will operate for over two years. This long lifespan, coupled with the unitÕs high performance, results in one of the most cost-effective monitors on the market. Advanced design offers superior dust and water protection and high resistance to RFI. A rubberized housing and one-button operation provide the durability and ease of use users expect from MSA instruments. The triple-alarm system featuring two bright LEDs, a piercing audible alarm, and a vibrating alarm ensures that no alarm condition goes unnoticed. The ALTAIR¨ Detector automatically records the last 25 alarm and test events. To read data or change alarm set points simply connect the unit to an MSA infrared adapter using the built-in IR communication port.

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