Ansell Size 11 HyFlex 18 Gauge Multi-Purpose Black Polyurethane Palm Coated Work Gloves With Blue Nylon Liner And Knit Wrist

Manufacturer : Ansell Edmont

$ 3.94

Part Number: 11-618-11

Manufacturer: Ansell Edmont

Minimum Quantity: 12

Description: Hyflex¨ 11-618 is an ultralight glove that maximizes touch & precision. Ultralight duty 18 gauge liner is the lightest lined and coated HyFlex glove for outstanding comfort and sensitivity. Enhanced flexibility, tactility, and handling efficiency is ideal for workers who need a high level of touch and precision. The thin polyurethane coating enables high tactility while the high abrasion resistance extends glove life. The dark liner and glove mask dirt and reduce glove waste.

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