Survivair Scba Carrying Case

Manufacturer : Honeywell

$ 120.00

Part Number: 983867

Manufacturer: Honeywell

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: The Panther and Cougar SCBA's standard Twenty Twenty¨ silicone facepiece features our new, super-strong, space-age material for its rims, nozzle cover, exhalation valve cover, and Air Lick. The Twenty Twenty¨ facepiece is available in three color-coded sizes and is designed to maximize field of vision while minimizing optical distortion. A new inhalation valve seat ensures the valve won't crinkle or leak. And our unique nose cup design makes breathing easier in standby modeÑwithout blowing air into your eyes. The Panther is also available with our traditional Classic facepiece. Both can be ordered with either a silicone head strap or mesh-style Kevlar¨ Head net.

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