Survivair Opti-Fit APR Respirator Clear Lens Cover 25 Each Per Package

Manufacturer : Honeywell

$ 1.28

Part Number: 702028

Manufacturer: Honeywell

Minimum Quantity: 25

Description: Survivairs Opti-Fit APR allows you to equip you workers with the appropriate protection they need at the extraordinary value you want. With the appropriate conversion kits, the Opti-Fit can be converted from an air-purifying respirator to a powered air-purifying respirator and a continuous-flow supplied air respirator. It's an affordable full-facepiece respirator that provides superior optics and comfort. Opti-Fit is available as a mask-mounted or belt-mounted PAPR. Opti-Fit continuous-flow SAR connects to an airline hose by a high-volume, low pressure plastic or rubber breathing tube.

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