Survivair 5-Minute Escape Breathing Apparatus

Manufacturer : Honeywell

$ 466.40

Part Number: 975080

Manufacturer: Honeywell

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: Every second counts in an emergency. That's why Survivair(¨)designed an Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus that could be donned and functioning in a matter of seconds. Supplies 5 or 10 minutes of emergency breathing air, giving workers the time they need to safely escape from toxic or oxygen-deficient atmospheres. Features a large pullover hood that easily slips over glasses, hardhats and beards. Hood is fog-resistant and can withstand temperatures of 0¡F to 160¡F. Other components include a refillable cylinder, valve and pressure gauge assembly, breathing tube and regulator. The unit comes in a convenient carrying pouch that can be worn over the shoulder, around the neck or around the waist. NIOSH approved.

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