Sqwincher 1.62 Ounce Liquid Concentrage Strawberry Lemonade Sugar Free Electrolyte Beverage Enhancer - Yields 24 Eight Ounce Servings (12 Bottles Per Case)

Manufacturer : Sqwincher Corporation

$ 71.70

Part Number: 010701-SL

Manufacturer: Sqwincher Corporation

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: Introducing Sqwincher Beverage Enhancer - Hydrate and Recharge the body with the perfect sugar free ELECTROLYTE BEVERAGE concentrate! NO SUGAR, NO CALORIESÉno worries! Water is essential, but water alone will not fulfill hydration, and after so much water you crave taste. Hydrate and recharge the body by first ENHANCING YOUR BEVERAGE! Shake, Flip Cap and Squeeze to stylize and fortify your water or drink to hydrate and replenish your body.

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