Norcross Servus Extra Large Studs For Work Shoes And Boot (Men's 13-15, Women's 12-13)

Manufacturer : Honeywell

$ 26.01

Part Number: SR101-XL

Manufacturer: Honeywell

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: Servus¨ Studs For Work Avoid falls in slippery conditions with handy, quick-fit second soles. Easily stored in a pocket or work belt until needed, extra strong stretch rubber oversoles feature tough, tungsten carbide studs that bite into snow and ice. Heel tabs provide grip for easy on and off. Studs are easily replaced with the Replacement Studs Kit, which includes the studs, and extractor tool and an inserter tool. Small/Medium oversoles fit Men's shoes sizes 6-9 and Women's sizes 9-11. Large fit Men's size 10-12 and Women's sizes 12-13. X-large oversoles fit Men's sizes 13-15. Made in USA.

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