MSA Galaxy Automated Test System ALTAIR 5 With Pump, 1 Cylinder Holder, Charging And Memory Card

Manufacturer : MSA (Mine Safety Appliances Co)

$ 2,325.00

Part Number: 10090592

Manufacturer: MSA (Mine Safety Appliances Co)

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: The Galaxy Automated Test System is an easy-to-use, versatile, and durable calibration and test system that offers simplicity, incredible performance, and is able to withstand the harshest environments, all at an affordable price. Simply place the instrument in the test stand and close the door. The system performs the test automatically no other user intervention is required. MSA instruments that are compatible with the Galaxy System are Solaris¨, Orion¨, Sirius¨, and Altair¨ Multigas Detectors. The Altair Galaxy Test System has no door and only requires a simple push of the instrumentÕs test button to initiate calibration. This test system does not require a computer or network interface for any mode of operation the system can operate completely standalone or can be connected to a computer network. Setup is easy and fast due to pre-connected tubing within each Galaxy System test stand. The optional cylinder holder allows for simple connection of calibration gas to the Galaxy System test stand, completing the setup. Up to ten test modules can be interconnected for simple expandability. The Galaxy Automated Test System helps to lower the overall total cost of ownership of your current MSA gas detection instruments. With automated record keeping capabilities available with each Galaxy Test Stand, thereÕs no need to keep handwritten records of an instrumentÕs calibration history.

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