Mechanix Wear Size 9 Black And Gray The Original Grip Full Finger Synthetic Leather And Spandex Extra Grip Mechanics Gloves With Hook and Loop Cuff, Reinforced Thumb And TRP Dots

Manufacturer : Mechanix Wear

$ 24.79

Part Number: MGG-05-009

Manufacturer: Mechanix Wear

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: Work smarter, not harder with the Mechanix Wear¨ Original¨ Grip Glove. We've covered the synthetic leather palm, fringertips and thumb of our Original¨ Glove with a sonic-welded, TPR dot pattern, allowing you to use less strenuous effort when gripping. The dot pattern displaces liquid for better traction and rolls over to the top of the index finger and thumb for more intricate tasks.

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