Mechanix Wear 2X Blue And Black Original Full Finger Synthetic Leather, Spandex And Rubber Mechanics Gloves With Hook and Loop Cuff, Synthetic Leather Palm And Fingertips And Spandex Back

Manufacturer : Mechanix Wear

$ 22.17

Part Number: MG-03-012

Manufacturer: Mechanix Wear

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: Despite its imitators, our Original¨ glove remains in a category all its own. Tried, tested and proven for over 20 years, it provides the perfect blend of flexibility and protection. Durable synthetic leather palm, form-fitting stretch Spandex top, and a flexible TPR wrist closure allow for a second-skin fit. With a gamut of practical uses, itÕs no surprise that The Original¨ is the most recognized and most frequently worn glove.

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