MDI X-Large CPR Microshield Rescue Breather In Plastic Pouch

Manufacturer : Medical Devices Inc

$ 6.43

Part Number: 72-911

Manufacturer: Medical Devices Inc

Minimum Quantity: 50

Description: CPR Microshield¨ The disposable Mircoshield¨ provides a physical barrier between victim and rescuer during mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The anti-reflux airway prevents back flow of victim's breath and body fluids. Available in unit box or plastic pouch. MircoKey, a Microshield¨ enclosed inn a black nylon carrying case with attached key ring, allows you to carry CPR protection on your key chain. CPR Microholster contains a rescue breather and one pair of nitrile gloves enclosed in a nylon belt holster. CPR Microshield XL provides almost twice the coverage as the original CPR Microshield device. CPR Microkit contains one rescue breather, one pair of nitrile gloves, one face shield, and a biohazard disposal bag. CPR Microkey-Pro contains one rescue breather and one pair of nitrile gloves in a durable nylon pouch with a convenient key ring. The CPR Microshield-plus features a 2 cm bite block/airway tunnel for adults and children. The added protection of a filter is located above the valve to eliminate contact with the victim's fluids. The CPR Microshield-plus is available in either a ziplock type resealable poly bag or a waterproof pouch.

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