HexArmor Size 9 Black And Hi-Vis Green Chrome Series Cut 5 Impact Hi-Vis SuperFabric Cut Resistant Gloves With Synthetic Leather Palm And Back Of Hand

Manufacturer : HexArmor

$ 43.55

Part Number: 4026-9

Manufacturer: HexArmor

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: Over 25 times the cut resistance of the mechanicsÕ gloves youÕre wearing right now, and over 10 times the cut resistance of Kevlar¨! Sound crazy? Not with the Chrome Series from HexArmor. WeÕve invested millions of dollars perfecting technology and PPE designs to shatter current ratings for cut and abrasion resistance. ItÕs time to ditch the flashy, non-protective mechanicsÕ gloves, and upgrade to the Chrome Series.

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